Friday, September 12, 2008

Working and Weekends

I do three things to generate income.  I teach Art 3 days a week.  I paint and sell those rather Impressionistic paintings through galleries on on my web site.  I also am a photographer, shooting seniors, families, and maternity for private clients as well as photojournalism and event photography for corporate clients and media outlets, and I also sell my images as stock photos.

I'm writing this because, as I left school Wednesday, one of my co-workers said "enjoy your four day weekend."  I stopped and said "It's not really a weekend, I'll be working the next four days, just not at school."  He said, "but you won't be here, and if you're not here, then it's the weekend."

People have no idea how much time and effort go into creative enterprises.  It really bothers me that people see the production and sale of creative work as "play time" and not "real work".  It's odd.  I suppose it's mostly because they haven't ever tried running their own business, dealing with the work itself, clients, customer fulfillment,  suppliers, invoices, etc.  I'm sure my co-worker thinks I'm just sitting around relaxing.  

Then again, I suppose there are factory workers who feel he just talks to kids all day and gets paid for it.


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