Saturday, December 29, 2018

Molli came by! The Classic Beauty Project

Molli came by and participated in The Classic Beauty Project.  I just loved how the lights fell so softly on her and she looked like she'd walked out of a Rembrandt painting!  Wonderful!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Fuji X-T3 banding with LEDs due to rolling shutter?

I used my new X-T3 yesterday and was experimenting with it. I noticed that when using the electronic shutter under LED lighting (from a dining room chandelier), I was getting horizontal stripes that moved up and down my image --shooting BKT, so you could see it move through the 3 images. It was the kind of pulsing that I'd usually see from fluorescent lights at high shutter speeds.
When I switched back to mechanical shutter, I didn't see the stripes anymore.
Settings were: f/2.0 1/250th ISO 3200
I thought it was the lights at first, but then I wasn't sure when they went away with mech. shutter.
Does the pulsing of fluorescents/LEDs get exxagerated when using electronic shutter? I'd expect this would be a drawback for people wanting to use the ES for silent wedding shooting.
Is this due to the rolling shutter?