Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google Chrome Is Cool, but not perfect (yet)

I downloaded Google Chrome and I really like it. I like the way it's simple and clean. I like the way photos look on it.

I use so many Google apps at this point that I decided to give Chrome a try. I had been using Firefox and I didn't like how Firefox dealt with some web sites.

I love how big the pages are.

I did get a weird error on Blogger, saying that my cookies and javascript were disabled on my browser (which they weren't), but after I hit cancel on all the warnings, it turned out that I had signed in and everything was fine.

Things aren't perfect, but I'm excited. I think this is going to be good!


9/8 I'm still using Chrome and I still like it, although it does have problems with Java sites. The sites I upload my photos to for printing won't work with Chrome, so I revert to IE or FF.

9/9 I noticed that my computer has that chug-chug-chug sound going on when I'm using Chrome, like when it's downloading something. The light is on showing the processor working. When I close Chrome, the chug-chug stops. I opened Task Manager and nothing strange showed up. I don't know what's going on.

9/11:  I was in the middle of sending emails with attachments using Gmail and got a message "you have been signed out of this account", thus losing the email and the ability to save as draft.

9/12:  I like how the fields to be typed in are outlined in yellow.  I found that very cool when using an online keywording application. 

9/13:  I'm still getting Gmail signing itself out of the account and closing unpredictably.

9/14:  In Facebook, you can hit "next" to go through people's photos, but eventually it will refuse to continue and hangs up.

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