Friday, September 19, 2008

So Sorry for Time Warner Customers

I am one of those customers, but I'm not feeling sorry for myself.  I only get my cable through Time Warner Cable.  Many people also get their telephone and internet through TWC.  Five days after our recent windstorm, the cable is still out.  I heard someone last night saying that TWC was warning that it could be a month before they totally restore service.  Bad?

What if your business uses Time Warner Roadrunner Business Class for its internet?  After several days without power, they're then stuck with weeks of no internet?  How is that good business?

I'm so happy that I lucked out and stuck with DSL, which even worked when the power was out (modem powered by battery backup).

I lucked out.  I continue to hear the arrogant advertising of Time Warner making fun of slowpoke dsl and the "phone company" on radio ads and the stations we can grab off the air with rabbit ears.  I wonder how grating these ads will be to people who are losing money every day because they have no access to the internet.

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