Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rumors burning time

I've been watching the new release announcements of the big camera manufacturers with interest.  Canon put out a teaser which is thought to be about a 5D Mk II coming soon, but no details.  It just occurred to me that I've checked in at DPR probably 5-10 times per day in the last week or so, wanting to know "what will the big announcement be?". I'm just wasting my time, because reading these posts about "it'll be this", "no it won't", "it'll have a yoga function", "no, it'll be pilates, you moron", "oh, come on, if it doesn't have a mixed-martial arts button it won't be a pro camera". 

Gibberish. I guess we'll all find out soon. I'm going to try to limit my time spent on rumors.

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