Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thoughts for a new model

I just thought I'd jot down a bit of advice for anyone who might be interested in becoming a model. You can see a more organized group of thoughts on my web site http://www.muskopf.org/how_to_model.htm

Tattoos: I'd recommend limiting them. Tattoos on a model can be distracting if they don't fit with the mood of the photography. They could removed in Photoshop, but that's an extra step and sometimes a real pain. It's something to consider if you want to go forward with becoming a model.

Gauges, facial piercings, and the like: With these, you're limiting yourself to the edgy, "outsider" look. You're making it hard on yourself to get work. BTW, I'm not talking about a single tiny nose piercing or earrings. As a model, you're trying to create yourself as an icon of perfection, so anything that people will stare at instead of your wonderful face when you're on a promotional modeling gig, is a potential problem. Remember, as a model, you are representing the company who hired you. You are their face to the world. Will that face be a beautiful one that makes people melt or a beautiful one that makes people wonder why she has all that stuff stuck in her face, how much did it hurt, does it itch, what about cold weather, etc.?

Photographers: You might get lots of people on modeling sites that want to work with you. Be picky. I've seen lots of gals work with and post images from photographers who, first of all, aren't very good, and secondly, seem to be focused on getting the model undressed. Judge them on what they show, and remember that people will be judging you on your photos also. Only show work on your sites that show you at your best. Also, unless you're going to be moving to Miami or LA, the swimsuit, lingerie, and nude work isn't very important. I doubt any company is going to come to Dayton, Ohio to shoot a swimsuit campaign.

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