Wednesday, July 23, 2008

iTunes 7.7 "recently added" gone

I've been turning into a podcast junkie the past few months. I used to be glued to NPR, but I've found that downloading podcasts has let me get that information buzz that I need (knowledge is good!) about things I'm really interested in. Targeted learning rather than general learning.

Anyway, I downloaded the newest iTunes last night and went to use it. Guess what? Podcasts don't show up in the Recently Added section. I used to go to Recently Added and just play the 5 or 6 new podcasts that came in each day while I was keywording or processing photos. This morning, I had to go into Podcasts and search for new selections--a pain!

ITunes, please give us back recently added podcasts.


Jackie said...

you are so right sir! i want my podcasts back

Anonymous said...

this is the fix for your/my podcast problem

Anonymous said...

for your podcast situation a quick fix

Todd Muskopf said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the tips! I had been just looking through the Podcasts library and searching for ones with the blue dot--what a pain!