Saturday, August 23, 2008

New photo pricing policy

Hi folks,

Since many of you are either shopping for photos, or have had yours done recently in the past year or two, I'm very interested in getting your feedback on my new pricing policy. I was recently contacted by a mother of triplets who wanted to have senior photos done but didn't want to pay for three separate sessions (I can empathize), and I also had a few clients who were interested in seeing more than just the 10 or 24 proofs that I had been offering. With this in mind, I changed the Extended Session to the following:

* Session Fee: $400 ($300 if you opt for the MR/15 Discount)
* No charge for multiple subjects.
* Up to 3 hours of shooting time
* 10 Proofs (my favorites) fully retouched after the shoot and
delivered as 4 x 6" printed proofs, web sized on a CD for MySpace,
Facebook, etc. These are provided as samples of the retouching
services I provide.
* A folder of Unedited Proofs (watermarked: not for public display)
provided on the CD from which you may choose. These can easily
number over 100 images from a 3 hour session.
* Prints may be ordered from either group of Proofs.
* Any Unedited Proof will be fully retouched upon my receiving a
print order for that image.
* If you opt for the MR/15 Discount, you will receive 15% off the
normal print prices.

The Regular Session is essentially the same, the difference being only a shorter one hour session at $200 ($100 with MR/15 Discount) and obviously fewer images in the Unedited Proofs folder to choose from.

Let me know what you think!!


Yahor said...

photo retouching

Todd Muskopf said...


I went to your site and was impressed by your work.