Friday, September 14, 2012

Nikon D600

Nikon introduced a new camera this week, the D600. Some Nikon users are asking who the target market is for this cam. It's Canon users. Nikon has offered up a camera that's equal statistically to the 5D III for $1400 less! Couple that with the D800, which Canon doesn't have an equivalent for. On top of all that, it's my estimation that the 5D III is the camera of choice for customers who previously had the 1Ds III and the 5D II. When Canon came out with the 1D X, it was essentially a FF sports camera. No one shooting in a studio needs all those fps. Really. It's just overkill. Even some sports shooters were disappointed, because it had no crop and no AF at f/8. The 5D III gives the same AF as the 1D X on a higher MP FF sensor than the 1D X. The 1D X sales will be a tiny fraction of the 5D III sales among pros. Nikon has attacked Canon's sweet spot for pros-- the 5D III. They have the D800, which beats it on MP, and is cheaper. Now, they have the D600, which matches its stats, and is $1400 cheaper! The $1400 savings is quite a bit of cash to use towards a high end Nikon lens! AND THERE'S MORE... Think about Canon's used market. On Ebay, 5D Mark II cameras are currently selling for $1800. With the introduction of the D600 at $2100, it will probably crush the selling prices of used Canon gear as well. No one's going to pay $1800 for a used 5D II when they can get a new cam for $300 more. In this way, it would make more sense for Canon Rebel, 60D, or 7D users to look at the D600 before getting a used 5D II or spending loads more cash to get a 5D III.

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