Monday, November 17, 2008

Cleaning the Office

Who would've thought cleaning the office would take MORE than 3 days?  I've spent 34 hours on it so far--no joke!  I tore everything out, threw a bunch out, moved things I don't use often to the garage (2 bookshelves filled with books, binders, papers, and such).

It's amazing what accumulates.

I did manage to establish a new domain name,  It's a parallel site to, but just sounds better.  I'll be making the title change in my business in the next few months, so I wanted to get that nailed down first.

I've got some really fun photo shoots coming up soon, and I'm really looking forward to them.  I also bought a new ringflash, which I can't wait to try out on a willing subject (my wife hates all flash, so the huge ringflash was evil incarnate to her).

I'm offering up prayers to the husband off Ann Anzalone, who's husband was hospitalized with some serious issues last weekend.  I wish both of them the best.

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