Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whi Bal Awol?

I tried to order a Whi Bal card from their site last night and the checkout cart crashed.  I sent them an email letting them know what happened.  It's now been about 14 hours since the email and I haven't gotten an acknowledgment that I'd even sent an email.

In today's internet-driven world, when a customer tries to order, then contacting you via a second manner (most would've just given up), it pays to try to help the customer give you their money.  14 hours with no "hey, got your email, sorry, we'll look into it", is just too long--unless their power is out for days and days like ours was a few weeks ago.

I'll have to check and see if they are having a hurricane make landfall where they are...

In the meantime, customer service is critical in today's crowded market.  I ordered my card through B&H.

Update:  It's now been 6 days and Whi Bal has not replied to my email.  My Whi Bal card from B&H arrived today.  I don't think I'll order the larger card now, unless this thing is amazing.

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